How Brooke Shop works

Thank you for buying cards and virtual gifts from Brooke Shop.

Brooke Shop virtual gifts are a great way to get presents with a difference for friends and family while helping a good cause. Read on to see how your virtual gifts work:

1. Choose from our fantastic gifts

With 18 virtual gifts, the Brooke Shop website is full of gift ideas for your friends, family and neighbours. You’ll find our gifts are as individual as they are.

And whatever you choose, you can be confident you are making a difference to hard working horses, donkeys and mules.

2. Pick your gift card and delivery method

Every postal virtual gift comes with a free gift card. Choose between a Christmas gift card, a greetings gift card or the online certificate. The online version can be sent directly to the recipient with a special message from you.

3. Order your gifts and help hard working animals

Complete your order and consider making a donation. Your virtual gift will either be sent out by email (immediately or on a date of your choice) or you will receive it in the next two weeks in the post. If you live overseas, allow three weeks for postal delivery.

4. Share on social media

Why not tell your friends and family about Brooke Shop on social media to spread the word and help more horses, donkeys and mules across the world?

Please note: Brooke Shop virtual gifts provide essential support to Brooke. The funds raised from Brooke Shop are vital for us to support working equines across the world.

Every penny from Brooke Shop virtual gifts (but not Christmas cards) goes to support our work overseas, helping working animals where and how they need it most.

All virtual gifts are representative of the type of projects Brooke carries out. Although we can't guarantee, for example, that your money will go specifically to helping a brick kiln mule or providing water all year round for working animals, we can guarantee that it will go to one of five categories (Industry, Communities, Future proofing, Policy change and Ethiopia). Please see the description of your gift or your catalogue for the category each gift belongs to.

Find out more information about virtual gifts.