Frequently asked questions

For any queries not covered below, please contact us on 020 7470 9393 or email

What is Brooke Shop?

Brooke Shop is a brilliant way to buy thoughtful and compassionate virtual gifts that help working equines and their owners in some of the world’s poorest communities. These gifts are ideal for all your animal-loving friends and family.

Can I find out more about the people/projects my gifts have funded?

Unfortunately it is not possible to tell you exactly where your particular gift has been used, as the administrative costs would be too high and would mean that less money would be spent where it is needed most. All money raised from Brooke Shop gifts, with the exception of Christmas Cards, will be used to fund our work overseas. We won’t just pop a water trough in the post. For more information, go to About Brooke Shop.

How much do you spend on the production of Brooke Shop?

The Brooke Shop has proved to be a very cost effective way of raising funds for our work around the world. We aim to make the best possible use of our supporters’ money to make the biggest difference to the lives of working horses and donkeys.

We are constantly working to reduce our costs in order to maximise the amount of money going overseas, and although the Brooke Shop catalogue only costs 48p to design, print and produce, our average order is £35. Every penny raised from Brooke Shop gifts, with the exceptions of Christmas cards, is sent to help fund our operations overseas.

Can you send me a Brooke Shop catalogue?

You can order copies of the catalogue by calling 020 7470 9393, emailing or filling in this form.

When will my order be delivered?

We will dispatch your order within 7 days of being received. Please allow two weeks for delivery in the UK, and longer for overseas delivery.

When is the deadline for ordering in time for Christmas?

We must receive your order by 5 December 2022 (or 25th November 2022 for overseas) to ensure your gifts are delivered to you in time for Christmas (if you are sending the order overseas please look at Royal Mail last post dates). You can still send virtual gifts by email right up to Christmas Day.

How do you work out the postage for Christmas card orders?

The postage charge of £3.00 (£5.00 for international delivery) has been calculated from the average amount it costs Brooke to send out orders of various quantities from the Brooke Shop. We appreciate that it seems high for supporters only ordering one pack of cards and kindly already making an additional donation, but as this donation is only optional, we cannot rely on it to cover our costs. We have found that our postage and packaging charge is lower than the average used by other charities.

Will I have to pay import tax on my order?

We are unable to advise on this, as import charges vary from country to country and may or may not be applicable to your order. Any international orders are sent with a customs sticker on the outside of the package which states the value of the contents. Depending on the import legislation in your country, you may have to cover the cost of this before your order is delivered to you.

Please note that orders containing Virtual Gifts Only will be marked on the customs sticker as have £0.00 value, as these are treated as donations. We suggest your contact your local postal authority for advice about import tax if you require further information.

Where does the money from the gifts I buy go to? 

When you buy a gift from Brooke Shop, you're supporting our vital work for animals. Brooke Shop gifts are divided into six categories (see below). The funds we raise from your gift will directly support projects in that category.

  1. Industry The dangers working animals face are largely hidden from public view. Your gift means that we can ease the suffering of horses, donkeys and mules working in harsh conditions such as coal mines and brick kilns.
  2. Communities You'll help owners understand what their animals need. Not only will gifts in this category change the way owners look after their animals, they will also unlock owners' compassion to create long-term change.
  3. Policy change Your gift will help us put the role of working horses, donkeys and mules on the agendas of local and national governments. We also strive to create change globally via international organisations. This advocacy work is vital to ensure our work is sustainable at all levels.
  4. Future proofing We're always looking at new and innovative ways to improve the lives of working animals. Your gift will help owners adopt sustainable animal welfare practices, and build resilience for the future.
  5. Ethiopia Many people in Ethiopia depend on their working horses,
    donkeys and mules for their livelihoods. These animals transport people, water and food supplies in rural areas, as well as working in industries such as construction. Your gift will help us connect with both owners and wider communities, providing them with essential knowledge and key welfare skills.
  6. Help where it's needed most Your gift will go wherever the need is greatest! It could be providing essential training to people who work with animals. Or it could be working with owners, so they can learn how to provide essential care for their horses, donkeys and mules. These gifts will help to keep working animals safe for years to come.

How does it work when I buy a virtual gift for someone?

It’s simple. If you select to order by post when you order a gift for a friend or relative, we send you an envelope with an attractive gift card and a certificate inside detailing the gift. All you need to do is add the name of the recipient. However, it may take up to two weeks from when we receive the order to the items arriving (or three weeks if you’re ordering from overseas).

If you select to order by email, we can send your personalised gift e-card directly to your loved one, so you can order right up to Christmas Day! You can also now select which day your virtual gift will be emailed to your friend or family member. For example, you could order any time for the email to be sent on Christmas Day.

How do I pre order a virtual gift for delivery on a different date?

If you order your virtual gift to be sent online, with your personalised message to your friend or family member, there will also be a box marked 'When to send'. This will automatically be set to the day you are ordering but you can change that by clicking on the box to set your own date.

Can I order a gift if I live overseas?

Yes. You can order by post, phone or online but it may be three weeks from us receiving your order to the items arriving.

When you order online we can send your personalised gift e-card directly to your loved one, so you can order right up to Christmas Day!

Can I Gift Aid my thoughtful gift?

Yes, Brooke Shop virtual gifts are counted as donations and therefore they are eligible for Gift Aid. The Gift Aid scheme allows charities such as Brooke to reclaim the basic rate tax that has already been paid on donations. This increases the value of your donations by 25%.

To sign up to Gift Aid, you must pay Income or Capital Gains tax, and you must have paid enough tax in the tax year in question to cover the amount which Brooke will reclaim. Please note that other taxes such as VAT and council tax do not apply. For more information on Gift Aid contact us on 020 7470 9393 or see our Gift Aid FAQs.

About Brooke

Brooke is an international charity that protects and improves the lives of horses, donkeys and mules which give people in the developing world the opportunity to work their way out of poverty. For 600 million people in some of the poorest places in the world, over 100 million of these animals are the backbone of communities and their best means of making a living. Without healthy working horses, donkeys and mules, they wouldn’t be able to put food on their tables, send their children to school or build better futures for themselves and their families.

Brooke works hard to deliver significant and lasting change, even in some of the world’s most challenging areas. We use our expertise to train and support owners of horses, donkeys and mules, local vets, farriers, harness makers and animal traders to improve standards of care. Operating in 10 different countries, and funding projects in four others, Brooke now reaches over two million working horses, donkeys and mules – more than any other organisation.

We are tackling problems by:

  • Showing local people within the equine owning communities how to care for their animals, offering training and tools.
  • Focusing on the big picture with national and international advocacy – working with policy makers to make overarching changes to the way governments prioritise the resources dedicated to working equine welfare.
  • Providing emergency veterinary treatment, to ease animals’ suffering, when appropriate.
  • Conducting research to identify whether current work is effective and which areas are in most need of future interventions.

You can find more information on the Brooke website.