About Brooke Shop

How we spend your money and make your gift do more

We hope you enjoy browsing through Brooke Shop and picking out the perfect gifts for the people in your life. Your kind purchase will help us care for working animals all over the world. We’d like to explain how.

We’ll spend your money where it’s most needed

When you buy a gift from Brooke Shop, you’re supporting our vital work for animals. Brooke Shop gifts are divided into six categories (see below). The funds we raise from your gift will directly support projects in that category:

  1. Industry The dangers working animals face are largely hidden from public view. Your gift means that we can ease the suffering of horses, donkeys and mules working in harsh conditions such as coal mines and brick kilns.
  2. Communities You’ll help owners understand what their animals need. Not only will gifts in this category change the way owners look after their animals, they will also unlock owners’ compassion to create long-term change.
  3. Policy change Your gift will help us put the role of working horses, donkeys and mules on the agendas of local and national governments. We also strive to create change globally via international organisations. This advocacy work is vital to ensure our work is sustainable at all levels.
  4. Future proofing We’re always looking at new and innovative ways to improve the lives of working animals. Your gift will help owners adopt sustainable animal welfare practices and build resilience for the future.
  5. Ethiopia Many people in Ethiopia depend on their working horses, donkeys and mules for their livelihoods. These animals transport people, water and food supplies in rural areas, as well as working in industries such as construction. Your gift will help us connect with both owners and wider communities, providing them with essential knowledge and key welfare skills.
  6. Help where it's needed most Your gift will go wherever the need is greatest! It could be providing essential training to people who work with animals. Or it could be working with owners, so they can learn how to provide essential care for their horses, donkeys and mules. These gifts will help to keep working animals safe for years to come.

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