Life-saving food


A natural disaster spells serious trouble for working horses, donkeys and mules, but your gift could give five animals the food they need to survive.

A shortage of food following a natural disaster can drive up the cost of animal feed. This makes it difficult for people already struggling on the poverty line to feed their animals. Your gift is saving lives. By providing emergency dry food for five working animals, you are protecting them from the threat of starvation.

Please note: If you select a Brooke shop virtual gift and choose the postal option, we are unable to add a personalised message. Please send any postal gifts to yourself, to enable you to add your message and then pass on to the recipient. Any postal orders made after 4th December may not arrive in time for Christmas. Alternatively, you can select the online e-card option, where you can personalise your message and send it directly to your recipient in time for Christmas.

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